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Must Know Before You Buy

1. 🚨Our Beacolors store promises that all the products on the Beacolors website are original and authentic products of the brand, Safety Material, with guaranteed quality and safe wearing, so as to give you a high-quality product experience.

2. ⏱Your order needs to be stocked before delivery, so the stocking time is within 48 hours, and we will send it out after the stocking is completed.

3. ✈ The goods you ordered need to be shipped by air and delivered to your address. Due to the different warehouses, the time from delivery to delivery is about 7-15 days. The delivery time of the US warehouse is relatively short, and the transportation time may be delayed according to the international logistics situation.

4. 👁️When you receive your contact lenses, please first check whether the lens packaging is damaged or leaking. If there is no problem, please unpack it clean it carefully, and soak it in care solution for more than 8-12 hours before wearing it. If you find any leakage or damage, please contact us via email in time.

5. 📍If you feel uncomfortable or have a foreign body sensation during wearing, please confirm whether you are wearing anti-reflective lenses or whether the lenses are dirty and need to be cleaned with cleaning fluid. If not, please contact us by Service Email: services@beacolors.com or Social media(Facebook, ins, etc).